Mini-symposium on Decision Support Models in Vaccine Development, Implementation and Policy


The Vaccine Centre hosted a mini-symposium on decision support models in vaccine development, implementation and policy. Academics involved in the development of different models had the opportunity to present their work and discuss it with others involved in the field.

Presentations included the following:

Andy Clark, LSHTM – Models used to support vaccine decisions in low and middle income countries
This will cover models used to inform national decisions about Hib, rotavirus, PCV and HPV vaccines, and to inform global WHO SAGE recommendations for rotavirus vaccination.

Mark Jit, LSHTM / PHE – Models used to support vaccine decisions in a high income setting
This will describe the decision-making process around vaccine introduction in the UK and will discuss models previously used to inform the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization.

Guru Madhavan and Charles Phelps, USA Institute of Medicine – SMART (Strategic Multi-Attribute Ranking Tool for Vaccines).
This talk will present the analytical framework underpinning SMART Vaccines, and explore how schools of public health can actively engage in the future enhancements of the software and data warehouse. SMART Vaccines is a decision support software system that offers the promise of enhancing decision making about the priorities for developing new vaccines and deploying existing vaccines. SMART Vaccines allows users to specify their own weights on attributes considered important in ranking vaccines, unlike previous ranking tools that imposed a single ranking criterion like life years saved or cost-effectiveness associated with the vaccine. SMART Vaccines includes a broader range of vaccine attributes from which users can choose for ranking their vaccine development priorities.