Request for proposal: 5th Asian Vaccine Conference

ASVAK_15Type: Proposal
Organiser: ASVAC
Area(s): New vaccine recommendations > More>
Deadline: 03/02/15


The Scientific Committee invites all interested individuals to submit abstracts for the 5th Asian Vaccine Conference (ASVAC 2015). You may now submit your abstract by clicking the button above. Accepted abstracts will be selected for poster presentations only and will be published in the Conference proceedings.

Individuals who have conducted extensive research in the field of vaccines can submit abstracts under the following topics:

 1. Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
 2. Health Information Systems and Immunization Registries
 3. Meeting and Monitoring Vaccination Coverage Targets
 4. Vaccine Safety Monitoring and Vaccine Pharmacovigilance
 5. Polio Eradication, Measles and Rubella Elimination, and HBV Control
 6. Influenza Vaccines
 7. Cholera, Typhoid and Enteric Vaccines
 8. Dengue and Other Vaccines in Development
 9. Travel Vaccines and Vaccines for Special Groups
 10. New and Underused Vaccines; Vaccine Pipeline and New Vaccine Introduction Process
 11. Health Economics of Vaccines
 12. Immunization Insurance and Legislation
 13. Programmatic Issues and Barriers to Immunization
 14. Advocacy, Communications, Social Mobilization and Implementation of the GVAP

Abstracts will be divided into the designated categories for review and program purposes.
Presenters should select one subject category.

For further information on how to apply go the website >