Anthony Scott speaks at Parliamentary Event

Anthony Scott, Vaccine Centre Director, was invited by the charity Save The Children to respond to their report on the importance of the work of  GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance’s future work. GAVI is currently preparing for a replenishment meeting in January 2015, aiming to raise $7.5 billion in order to deliver its 2016-2020 strategy. Its strategy sets out to achieve greater equity and increased coverage of immunisation, support health systems and shape the vaccine market to make gains sustainable.

The joint Save the Children and Action report, entitled ‘A Chance to Reach Every Child’, explores both what Gavi needs to do in order to achieve these goals and what donors, especially the UK Government, need to do to make this possible.

Mark Durkan MP chaired the event and the other speakers included Rob Newman, Director of Policy and Performance at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Aaron Oxley, Chief Executive, RESULTS UK and Simon Wright, Head of Child Survival, Save the Children

To download  ‘A Chance to Reach Every Child’ follow this link: