PhD Student Presentation Event


The Vaccine Centre hosted its first PhD student presentation event on Friday 5th December. The event brought together PhD students, supervisors and members of faculty to discuss the presenters PhD projects and a variety of issues, both academic and practical that students face during their PhDs. The presentations stoked engaging debates and we are looking forward to the next event!

The presenters and their topics:

Frank Sandmann: ‘The true cost of epidemic and outbreak diseases’

Lindsey Wu: ‘Design of cluster randomised trials to assess the effectiveness of malaria transmission blocking vaccines’

John Ojal: ‘Mathematical modelling of the long-term population effects of pneumococcal vaccines on carriage of pneumococcal serotypes and subsequent disease in Kenya’

Carolyn Nielsen: ‘The impact of cytomegalovirus infection on vaccine responses’

Conall Watson: ‘Can sero-epidemiology inform typhoid vaccination decisions in Fiji?’

Harvey Aspalling–Jones: ‘Complement enhancement of merozoite inhibition’

Sophie Rhodes: ‘The development of a mathematical modelling framework to predict the best dose in humans for TB vaccines using animal data’

Mateusz Hasso Agopsowicz:  ‘An investigation of epigenetic changes following vaccination schedule in Ugandan and UK infants’

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