Evaluation of an E-health Vaccine System: The Juarez System in the City of Araraquara, Brazil

PI: Ana Paula Sato; Co-PIs: Eliseu Waldman, Laura Cunha Rodrigues and Edmar Martineli
Funder: FAPESP (submitted)

Introduction: Electronic systems with information about vaccinations with individual records are in the process of being developed in Brazil as tools for scheduling vaccinations, recall and monitoring of vaccination coverage as well as a research tool. Objectives: To evaluate an existing  nominal immunization information system, Sistema Juarez, fully implemented 14 years ago, as to the maturity of the database, the opportunity to capture the data and the sensitivity to measure levels of vaccination coverage in the period 2000-2013. We will evaluate is accuracy and usefulness to establish coverage, to investigate homogeneity and safety of vaccination actions,  the impact of the introduction of new vaccines in the national routine schedule, and to explore any indirect effects in the city of Araraquara, SP, 2000-2013. Methods: It is an ecological time-series study that will be conducted with data of children under two years of age enrolled in Juarez System, 2000-2013, residing in Araraquara and have not died before completing 2 years of age. Linkages between Sistema Juarez, Live Births Information System, Mortality Information System and Hospital episodes will be done. For time series analysis, polynomial regression models will be used and indicators of system performance, vaccination coverage and adverse events will be the dependent variables.