PATH SPN Whole Cell Vaccine

Funding: PATH Vaccine Solutions

Anthony Scott works with the Clinical Development team (Scientific Lead: Dr Cheryl Keech) at PATH, Seattle, to advance a third-generation pneumococcal vaccine. The cost of developing and manufacturing pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV), and the limited serotype coverage of current PCVs suggests the need for a vaccine that is effective against the whole species and is affordable for children in developing countries. The PATH SPN Whole Cell Vaccine is the product of over a decade of pre-clinical development which has demonstrated effectiveness against invasive pneumococcal disease and against carriage in animal models. Following a successful Phase I study in the USA, PATH are now sponsoring a Phase I study in Kombewa, Kenya. In addition to determining safety and immunogenicity in first Kenyan adults and then Kenyan children, this study will begin to examine the effect of different vaccine schedules on pneumococcal carriage and carriage density. The carriage studies are a collaboration with LSHTM staff at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kilifi (Susan Morpeth, Anthony Scott), and the Bacterial Microarray Group at St George’s Hospital Medical School (Jason Hinds).