Production of Inexpensive Recombinant Glycoconjugate Vaccines

PI – Professor Brendan Wren

Funders- Medical Research Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, The Gates Foundation

The most successful human vaccines are often glycoconjugate as the combination of a protein coupled to a glycan induces both a T-cell dependent and independent immune response evoking a protective and lasting immunity. However, production of these vaccines requires multistep chemical synthesis, are expensive and often have batch-to-batch variation. Our research programs have developed a process whereby glycoconjugate vaccines can be produced recombinantly in E. coli in a single step purification procedure, termed Protein Glycan Coupling Technology (PGCT). Currently we are using PGCT to design novel glycoconjugate vaccines against S. pneumonia, Francisella, Coxiella and Burkholderia pathogens. PGCT also allows different combinations of glycan and protein to be coupled in diverse host attenuating strains resulting in protection against multiple pathogens. The development of triple poultry and pig glycoconjugate vaccines is also in development.