Vaccination – is there a place for penalties for non-compliance?

The introduction of mandatory vaccination to control outbreaks of measles in Europe has sparked debate and public protest about the ethical justification of penalties and exclusionary processes for non-immunisation. The aim of this debate will be to discuss arguments for and against implementing penalties for non-compliance with vaccination. The context of France, Italy and England will be described and speakers from each of the three countries will present their views on mandatory vaccination. Topics to be addressed during the debate will include ethical justifications for and against mandatory vaccination, rational and types of penalties for non-compliance with vaccination, impact on vaccination uptake and confidence, and related public responses.



Professor David Heymann, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, LSHTM



Dr James Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of Health, UCL

Dr Joanne Yarwood, Immunisation Programme Manager, Public Health England

Dr Roberta Villa, Science Journalist, Italy

Professor Levy-Bruhl, Head of Infectious Diseases Department, Santé Publique, France