MRC Studentships

MRC vaccine studentships

The School offers three studentships which may be held in any of the three faculties – Epidemiology & Population Health, Infectious & Tropical Diseases and Public Health & Policy – and projects can cover any area of research relevant to vaccines, from microbiology and immunology to epidemiology, modelling and public health policy.  Studentships will be for 3.5 years, including a 3 month professional placement.

This PhD training programme will develop research skills in diverse areas such as laboratory-based research, clinical studies, quantitative analysis, mathematical modelling, and health policy impact analysis. It will address UK and global health priority areas such as pneumococcal disease, human papilloma virus (HPV), tuberculosis and malaria as well as important vector borne infections, veterinary diseases and zoonoses. PhD supervisors include those with expertise in epidemiology, statistics, demography, health economics, pathogen biology, immunology, virology, medicine, population health and clinical trials.

The School was rated second amongst all academic institutions in the UK in the 2008 RAE and ranked top in the 2014 REF for “Clinical Medicine” and second for “Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care”. Vaccine research is a priority area across all three of the School’s Faculties, and reflects our particular strengths and international reputation for multidisciplinary, world-class, collaborative research.

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